Constructing Your Treatment Program

Discover more about how your body works;

Treatment Step by Step

A multifaceted approach to healing – I will do my best so there is no stone left unturned with your assessment and treatment plan. 

We will discuss your objectives for your treatment and go through your health and lifestyle-anamnesis. This provides information about which structures and systems need assessment, and to know specifically which type of treatments are suitable for you.

Because our alignment changes depending on our position, I will assess you first in standing in order to gather information about the condition of your postural mechanisms.

You can lie down on the treatment table and I will evaluate your mobility and vitality from head to toe. This includes, joints, muscles, fascia, organs, as well as circulation and neurological pathways.

Putting all the information together, I will construct your unique treatment plan and already begin treating the area (or structure of the body) that I believe to be causing the greatest disturbance. This information will also be the groundwork for putting together a program, that will integrate into your everyday life, to enhance your results.


Are you ready to enhance your well-being with your own fusion of a multifaceted treatment plan and personalised integration program?